Pride is a tricky thing

Pride is a tricky thing, I think of it like a coin – two sides. The good side could mean self-confidence; a feeling of satisfaction with oneself. The bad side is vanity; pride of things that are empty or pride that is excessive and pride that gives fear of failure its power. I wonder if pride is a necessary part of wellness. Can we cultivate the good pride in ourselves?


Lessons from a snowflake

There is a lot we know about snowflakes. They are each individual, no two are the same. One snowflake alone makes little impact but a bunch altogether are a force a nature. Do you know how snowflakes are made? They offer a big life lesson. Let me tell you a story, the creation of a snowflake.

New Year Resolution – NOW

It is my very strong opinion that the best time to make a new year’s resolution is now, right now.  More generally the fall is the best time.  Think for a moment about what is different about life in October/November that will be different in January.  Sure it might be colder, there might be more... Continue Reading →

Be your Health Hero

I started this blog to share my journey to optimal health.  Recently I was exposed to the power of a story.  When we are inspired, it’s the story that sparks us.  I got to thinking about how my health journey is a story.  What makes a story good? For me the answer is the hero. ... Continue Reading →

The right exercise

It is no secret exercise has many benefits but is one better than another?  In my opinion the answer is a resounding yes.  There is nearly overwhelming choice available for how you can workout; Go the gym - lift weights, do a class, cardio machine so many choices Yoga studio are everywhere these days Go outside... Continue Reading →

Up and down on the scale

I can recall as an engineer in manufacturing the saying "measurement is the first step for improvement".  As we try to lose weight, it can be tempting to get on the scale each day.  Unfortunately, daily weight measurements can leave you chasing a lot of noise.  Most people will see variations a few pounds if... Continue Reading →

A good night’s rest

Sleep is so important to our health. For adults, the recommendation is seven to nine hours a night. Sleep is the time for the body to regenerate. Lack of sleep can cause many symptoms. Some common signs of insufficient sleep are 1. Tired on waking up 2. Bad skin - it is not called beauty... Continue Reading →

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs

Have you ever eaten a snack only to find yourself hungry again? Not all snacks are equal, not all carbs are equal. Some carbs cause dramatic hormonal responses, these carbs are known as high glycemic carbs.  Eating a diet of low glycemic carbs with health fats and regular protein is my formula for staying full.... Continue Reading →

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